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Localizer는 내 콘텐츠를 어떻게 찾습니까?

Once the Localizer code has been added to your website, it starts indexing your content every time a page is visited. If you or a website visitor land on any page, Localizer will detect all translatable phrases on that page and add them to the Batch Translator of your Localizer account.


Please note that unless a page is visited, the content from that page will not be detected and indexed by Localizer. You can make sure your phrases are detected by visiting your website on a separate window or by using Visual Translator to navigate your site in Browse mode.


Once your phrases have been viewed they will appear on your Batch Translator tab underneath Untranslated Phrases.


매우 큰 웹 사이트를 보유하고 있고 콘텐츠 인덱싱을 더 빨리하고 싶다면 추가 크롤링을 위해 각 페이지를 방문하는 사용자 정의 크롤러를 만들 수 있습니다.